Flora of Mecklenburg County

Welcome to the Flora of Mecklenburg County website, maintained by the staff at the James F. Matthews Center for Biodiversity Studies at Reedy Creek Nature Center. This site is intended as an educational tool to assist with plant identification in Mecklenburg County, with emphasis on plant species that have been documented within Park and Recreation properties. Ultimately, each plant listed will have a brief description accompanied by a photograph. Please be patient as this site is a work in progress.

Featured Species: Chasmanthium latifolium

River Oats is an ornamental grass that thrives in partial shade and moist soil. It is easily identified by the flat seed heads that hang down from the stalk, emerging green in the spring and turning a goldish brown by fall. River Oats is a host plant for several species of butterflies and its seeds provide food for birds and small mammals. It can be used as an ornamental grass or for erosion control, but home gardeners should be mindful of this plant’s aggressive nature – it can quickly take ove

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